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Chairman of Sino-Cyprus Friendship Association and President of Frederick University Visited SAU

On March 16th, Mr. Dinos Florides, Chairman of Sino-Cyprus Friendship Association and Mr. Frederick Daniel, President of Fredrick University, Cyprus, visited SAU. Prof. Wang Wei, Chairman of University Board, met with the guests.

On the meeting, the two parties had a profound discussion on the academic cooperation, concerning student & faculty exchange  programs between each other and the establishment of a Confucious Institute in Cyprus. To the great pleasure of both sides, it turned out to be a common desire for both of them to develop internatinal cooperation and exchange partnership and relations. The meeting ended with a significant success. MOU on the cooperation relationship between the two parties was signed. At the same time, Mr. Dinos Florides also expressed his warm welcome and expectation to SAU’s return visit to Cyprus, so as to accelerate the progress of the program. A further in-depth cooperation is for certain.

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